How to use the Forums

Step 1: Go to Forum Page

Click on the forum page that you want to add a new topic to.

Step 2: Understanding the layout

Each of the sections marked by the red arrow is called a “Topic” – the whole idea behind the topics is to share files for the students on upcoming lessons.

As an example, if you are learning a new song with a student you could upload sheet music in the topic for them to look over.

Step 3: Make a new topic

Scrolling down to the bottom of the forum page you will see the form to create a new topic.

To upload files for the students click the “choose file” button in the attachments section to select a file from your local machine.

To submit anew topic click “submit” at the very bottom of the form.

Step 4: View Publish Post

Students will see your new topic once the “submit” button has been pressed in the previous post.

Students also have the ability to reply to the topics.