Term Dates

Lessons – 10 Week Blocks

We currently teach to school term time which is 40 weeks per year. The Academy works in 10 week blocks but you can join at any point in a block. Blocks are payable in advance or monthly by standing order. Once you are in a block you are committed financially to the end of that current block.

Our teaching year runs from November – November

Please see dates for our current block below:

Block 25—————————————–Block 26        

23rd October————————————20th November
30th October————————————27th November
6th November———————————-4th December
13th November——————————–11th December
——————————————————–18th December

END OF BLOCK 25—————————CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS —————————————

——————————————————-8th January
——————————————————-15th January
——————————————————-22nd January
——————————————————-29th January
——————————————————-5th February

——————————————————-END OF BLOCK 26