Top Tips

Top Tips!

Tip #1

Calling all guitarists (actually this one could apply to all musicians)
Guitarists practice a piece until MUSCLE MEMORY sets in. Where the brain is free to forget, but the body still clearly remembers. This gets rid of thoughts allowing the music to simply FLOW


Tip #2

Here is Iain’s tip of the Week!

It’s the 3 P’s!
When you get your instrument out at home it can be really helpful to decide in advance whether you are about to Practice; maybe a particularly tricky piece or phrase until you have it, Play a few favourite tunes for your own enjoyment or to de-stress after a hard day or Perform; possibly a particular piece you are working on in front of family or friends or tunes you know well instead of watching TV!. All three, Practice, Play and Perform are important aspects of building your music skills, enjoying making music and sharing music with others but don’t be consumed by thinking that every time you play your instrument you must Practice. Give yourself permission to just play and occasionally perform by sharing your music with others too.
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Tip #3

Our new Merlin Tip for the week is following the theme on Practice and is from Andy Gray our Guitar Tutor.

Find somewhere quiet to practice… This seems too obvious for words, but not only will you be far less likely to succumb to all sorts of distractions, but entering a special practice area, whether it’s a certain room or just a corner of the living room, will help prepare you mentally for this very particular kind of work. Mindful intention is everything, and having the ritual of going to the same place every time can help set that intention.