Donations Page for Jaks/Logan’s Fund

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of Charities, which is going to make it very challenging for all Charities to survive.  Now more than ever,  both these Scottish Children’s Cancer Charities, Jak’s Den and Logan’s Fund need our support so they can keep doing their amazing work in supporting children with cancer and their families.



Jak a teenager and Logan a 3-year-old laddie lost their fight to Cancer.  Both families have gone on to help many many children battling cancer and their families by providing sponsorship for hobbies, activities, dreams and holidays.  Jak’s Den in providing emotional, practical and social support for young people, their families and friends and Logan’s Fund who sponsor children with their Always A Rainbow project.  Both these charities are doing amazing work and carrying on the legacy of their children.  They both provide such a wonderful and invaluable service to young people and their families at a time when they most need it.



An amazing nurse called Lorraine contacted the Merlin Music Academy about 2 years ago.  She had a patient called Melis who was interested in learning to play an instrument.  Melis had been diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukaemia 2 years earlier at the age of 6 and she was receiving treatment for it.  A charity called Logan’s Fund offered to pay for her lessons and her families too.  This was so important for Melis and her family as they soon began to feel the love and support of the whole Academy.  Melis was able to socialise and have some normal time whilst coming in for her lessons. We took great pride and honour in sharing a monumental moment when Melis rang the Bell last December at the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh. Her Mum, Pinar is also performing in the Video and they have become part of the Merlin Family. Jak’s Den and Logan’s Fund continue to support Melis and her family and this so invaluable and crucial.   

Merlin Students and Tutors have put together this very special track and video to help raise funds for these two worthy Children’s Cancer Charities which are so close to our heart.  Please help these Charities survive the effects of Covid-19. All monies raised will help both of these Charities to continue their wonderful work by supporting all Children with Cancer and their families emotional, social and practical support.  Logan’s Fund programme, Always a Rainbow, is vital for all children 

Music can bring everyone from all over together, let’s continue to do this and also keep the wonderful work of Jak’s Den and Logan’s Fund going.