Team Jak Foundation/Jak’s Den Concert

Merlin Student Concert at Jak’s Den
Sunday 23rd February 2020

Team Jak Foundation (Jak’s Den) provide practical, emotional and social support to children and young people with cancer, their families, friends and those bereaved.

We visited Jak’s Den, a truly inspirational place last week and are so looking forward to performing to all the children and their families and friends on Sunday 23rd February.

This beautiful place/sanctuary opened in June 2019 thanks to the hard work of Jak’s family and it truly is an amazing place! Jak’s Den and another amazing charity that is close to our hearts Logan’s Fund work together to help Children/Teen’s.

Jak’s Den provide a safe space to go to along with emotional support and Logan’s Fund sponsor activities for the Children and their families which is also so very important. We are so very proud to be invited to perform to these guys.

As well as supporting Children and their families Team Jak Foundation- Jak’s Den also ask for donations of items for families that are in hospital. We would be so grateful if you could DONATE any of the items below. If you could drop off these items to the Merlin Academy office in Melrose by no later than 20th February and we will take all of the donated items up to Jak’s Den

2 sets of dark navy towels
2 sets of dark grey towels
Mood pillows
Hand held or fans that attach to beds
Super hero/marvel bedding sets x2 boys x2 girls
7 and under dinosaur bedding set x2
7 and under Disney princess bedding x2
Cushion covers – girls and boys
Small mats for floor (door mat size or just slightly bigger)
Travel toiletries kits for all ages (babys to teenagers) and those with sensitive skin – shampoo, dry shampoo, body wash, moisturiser, deodorant (roll on only) nail files, combs, lip balms, travel hair gels, tootbrushes/toothpaste, small sponges
Bags for the travel toiletries to go in (we can put age on front to help staff)
Small nail varnishes, and nail varnish remover
Small amount of kids story books