Why Choose Merlin for Your Music Lessons?

Music is the Soul and Spirit talking and shining.

Music is therapy. It can be and is a lifeline for so many people.

The ethos of Merlin is to be welcomed and accepted no matter what challenges we are facing, within a safe space, and to become a part of the Merlin Community/Family

At the Academy we reach out to the wider community embracing, welcoming and working in partnership with all people to create a joyful feeling of love, contribution, appreciation and abundance through music.
Merlin holds a huge amount of love and power within it’s values, guiding and supporting the most vulnerable souls on their musical and personal journey.

Music is not only an outlet for feelings it has the power to change people. When we feel anxious, upset or sad each word that we sing is like lettings it all go. Music is a safety net.

The beautiful words from one of our Merlin Students are very much a testimony to the Values and Ethos of the Merlin Academy.

(These words are being shared with the permission of the student)