Why Group Lessons?

One of the key skills for learning an instrument is to play along with others which is why we believe that group lessons are a really important part of learning music.

Group lessons are available and encouraged in Guitar, Fiddle and Singing. We also run a Folk,Blue and Roots Band and Harmony group. We believe that group lessons improve young players’ listening abilities as some have little or no exposure to hearing others play and performing together.

There are many benefits of learning within a group including the following:

  • Improves on your social skills (particularly children but also adults)
  • Increased motivation
  • Less pressure – much less intense than a 1:1
  • Feel less inhibited
  • Positive friendly competition within the group
  • Learn from one another within the group
  • Team Spirit
  • Ensembles
  • More confidence when performing (as already performing in front of group members)
  • Creativity – more likely to try things out
  • Much better listening skills – as learning to hear and play with others
  • Longer lesson time
  • Financially advantageous