Lena Ewan

Merlin Woodwind Tutor – Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone (Alto/Tenor), Recorder, Bassoon & Oboe


Lena has been teaching woodwind instruments at Merlin for the last 4 years. She is a very passionate person with a great love of music.

Lena studied music at Edinburgh Napier University as a Classical Music (BMus) student with Alto Saxophone being her main instrument. During her 4 years at university she also learned Tenor Saxophone, Flute and clarinet and took many modules including Music Therapy, Music Psychology, Performance, Acoustics and Instrumental teaching. She also has experience in teaching double reed instruments such as Bassoon and Oboe.

Lena plays in several bands and is involved with several councils and youth orchestras. She welcomes all ages and abilities and believes in a fun approach to learning.
If you would like to book a taster with Lena contact us @ enquiries@merlinmusicacademy.com , phone 01896 822 376 or visit us at:

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