NEW One Day Summer School Rate


• Be part of the Merlin Summer Camp for a day
• Learn new tunes or Songs
• Be part of a large mixed instrument group
• Meet new friends
• Lunch and Dinner included

The Merlin Summer School is a well established 5 day course where adults and young people get together to improve their musicianship, learn new tunes or songs and take part in workshops and classes during the day but also play informally in the evening. This year we’ve decided to offer an additional option to come for 1 day of classes and stay on for
the evening sessions and tutor concert. The classes are led by our main teachers Iain Fraser, Kathy Stewart-Kennedy & special guest teacher for this year Findlay Napier. The summer school runs from Monday 5th to Friday 9th August and we are offering the 1-day option on Tuesday 6th August. Choosing this option is ideal if you can’t commit to the week or if you just want to sample the Merlin Summer Camp experience. You will receive
at least 6 hours of classes and workshop tuition from some of the best teachers around and get to play with adults and young people from Scotland and beyond. You will be learning and playing tunes, improving your technique and invited to come up with arrangement ideas. Teaching will be mainly in mixed instrument classes but with regular
break out sessions for back line, melody players and voices.
As a general guide to levels, you will probably get more out of the experience if you are not a complete beginner.

When you book you will be asked to confirm your level.

Improving Beginner: You’ve been playing for a short time but can feel you way around the instrument and can play a few tunes or chords.
Intermediate: You’ve been playing for a couple of years and know a dozen or so tunes or can play a few by ear, although not necessarily up to speed. Or you can accompany songs or tunes from chord charts given to you.
Intermediate/Advanced: You’ve been playing for longer, can play tunes more or less up to speed or accompany songs and tunes by ear. Can sight read tab or notation quite well.

Adults – £85
U16 – £76.70

The Haining House, Selkirk is our new venue for 2019!
About The Haining House
The Haining is a park and woodland estate landscape
centred on an A-listed, classical house and loch.